Holter Monitoring

How Well is Your Heart Pumping Blood

Image of a person wearing a Holter monitor

How Does A Holter Monitor Work?

  • One of our expert technicians will attach the Holter Monitor and provide you with instructions on what you need to do while wearing the device.

Electrodes will be attached to your chest that connect to the Holter monitor which will be attached to your waist or around your neck.

You will go about your normal activities with exception of the following:

  • You may now shower or bathe until you return to have the device removed
  •  You may not get an X-Ray and you must stay away from high voltage equipment, magnets, etc.

Lets Get to Know Your Heart

A Holter Monitor is a device you wear for 24 hours that allows us to monitor your heart activity.

Why Do I Need a Holter Monitor?

With the other tests such as an ECK or EKG, we can only monitor your heart at that moment you are with us. We use a Holter Monitor to see what is going on during your normal activities.

We Will Help You Every Step Of The Way